Grazzee is a gifting platform for multi-transactions that enables users to gift everyone in their home Building and Garage at once. No more wasting money and time going to the bank to withdraw cash, buying holiday cards, filling out the cards & then tracking down recipients!!


Grazzee's users can pay all recipients at once using the add payment method.

Pay to your home Building/Garage Staff

Fast payments to gift everyone in the Building / Garage at once.

No more wasting time

Going to a bank to withdraw cash, buying holiday cards, filling out the cards & then tracking down recipients is time consuming! Grazzee eliminates all that!!

Makes gifting a breeze

Grazzee users can gift the entire building staff and now they know they all received it. There have been A LOT of missing envelopes and with Grazzee no more!

Awesome features unique to Grazzee

Grazzee is a new app to help you show your gratitude to the people who help to make your life easier throughout the year. With Grazzee, you can pay anyone, anywhere, anytime without cash with its easy to find people platform. You can use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, credit cards, bank transfers and coming soon Venmo & Zelle!

Manage everything in one place

The app is free for users with a minimal transaction fee added to the giver. Grazzee has all of your building staff listed in one place for you. Be it your home buildings, workplaces, garages and now camps and schools. Grazzee makes gifting a breeze. All at a 2.5% fee charged to the gifter.

Amazing Features

We've got a lot of amazing and cool features.

Give and Get

"Give" section enables users to gift / pay everyone at once. . Whereas, "Get" Section allows users a platform to view the info about their payments received. From there the “Get” can decide how to use the money (bank transfer to their account,go shopping with Amazon, Best Buy etc, pre-paid gift cards uploaded with the Grazzee balance etc.)

Multiple address & transaction

Users can add or update multiple buildings addresses and garages. Make multiple gift transactions all on one platform.

Multiple payment options

Grazzee offers multiple payment options for online payments via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, credit card and debit cards, ACH bank transfers and coming soon Venmo, Zelle, CashApp & more.

Manually switch account

"Get" feature allows users to send money to anyone. Users can also send a special message to recipients.

Extra goodies

The app gives users a choice to manually switch their accounts (give or get) according to their needs.

How it works

Manage your Give and Get sections

Grazzee does all the hard work for you to manage all the transactions. Its easy-to-handle interface has two sections- Give & Get.

Give enables the users to pay various communities at one time whereas, Get provides users a platform to get/view all their payments received details in one slot and gives option to show their gratitude towards the sender.

Manage multiple communities

Grazzee app allows the users to manage multiple communities from one platform. With the app, users can add or save multiple building/workplaces in the various communities similar to their field.


The Transaction option allows the user to review the complete detail of an individual transaction. With Grazzee app, users can view all the pre- and post-tip in one section.

Make Paying Easier

Grazzee app can make your life a lot easier. Rather than worrying about carrying around multiple credit cards or other payment methods, user could store them all in a Grazee app.

Real-time payment

Grazzee provides you Real-time payment option that enables users to make and receive payments in real time, providing convenience, speed, and faster availability of funds. Real-time payment also helps users manage risks and streamline the reconciliation process.

Secure Payment

Easy, quick and secure. Grazzee provides the user a secure gateway for online payment via Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, debit or credit card. Users can make payment by selecting any payment methods.

Simple Steps

Just sign up Add where you live / work / park and you can gift everyone all at once. It’s that Simple. With the Grazzee app you can add or save multiple buildings in various communities related to their field.